Global Chain of Lights – Buildings – Rare Ireland Family Support Network

28 February 2023
Moylish Park, Limerick, Ireland


We have a number of buildings and landmarks lighting up in a chain of light around the country. The chain of light symbolises easing the isolation associated with rare disease and raises awareness for the 300 million people across the world living with rare disease. The list of buildings lighting up in Ireland is as follows:

Chamber of commerce, Mullingar
St.Peter and Pauls church, Athlone
Institute of Technology, Limerick
St.Marys Cathedral, Limerick
County council office, Clare
Courthouse, Cavan
City hall, Cork
Convention Centre, Dublin
County council buildings, Kildare
Swords castle, Swords
The White Bridge, Athlone
Wicklow church, Wicklow town

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