Gemeinsam für Selten – Together for the Rare

Hosted by Rare Disease Salzburg

28 February 2021 to 25 September 2021
Salzburg, Austria


Together with the Vita Club Salzburg we are going into the second round again this year, we will show you what you can do in the home office, but we all hope that we can slowly do a joint training again, which we miss our contacts despite increased Safety requirement.

Often times, this kind of community support is sorely lacking and you feel isolated. If you have a rare disease, the community structures that are supposed to help you may turn their backs on you because they do not understand or cannot cope with the disease.

Here exercise can be part of the remedy. It is now a well known fact that exercise has a tremendous positive impact on your mental health. And now, research is also showing the importance of stimulating the immune system, improving treatment, and helping recovery.


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