EwenLife Facebook Live : Online photo exhibition by Djamila Calin “A story of diagnosis”

Hosted by EwenLife Rare Diseases

28 February 2022


Art can make people invisible visible, with their strength and beauty.
Djamila Beldjoudi-Calin is an artist photographer and mother of a child with a rare disease.
With her experience and the help of the French AnddiRares Network and Sanofi industry, she created a wonderful online photo and audio exhibition. An exhibition to highlight the experiences of patients and their families.
In this interview with some of the photographed people (Mélanie Roblin and Ioel Detton), she will answer questions from our volunteer Alain Bachellier.
Why such an exhibition? The importance of these photos for patients and families?
The messages to affected families and to society in general? And the strength of these clichés? And all the questions you will ask her.