26 Feb 2021
Fri 26 February, 2021
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Sun 28 February, 2021
Bělohorská 19
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Czech Republic
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Czech Republic

Bulletin Special- holistic care for patients with RDs 26 February 2021 - 28 February 2021 Bělohorská 19, Entire Country, Czech Republic
Hosted by Rare Diseases Czech Republic

A special issue of the bulletin which we dedicate to describing what entails such holistic care for a person with rare diseases. This care involves a number of professions ranging from doctors, teachers, social workers to physiotherapists, speech therapists to palliative care experts.

This complex group of professions is needed to ensure better life quality for a person with RD.

This care needs to be concentrated around C of E for RD.

The goal is to leave no one behind and care for every person with a rare disease properly and well.

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