20 Feb 2021
Sat 20 February, 2021
Spyrou Kyprianou 364,2322. Strovolos
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ART THERAPY WEBINAR-PARENTAL STRESS RELEASE DUE COVID19 20 February 2021 Spyrou Kyprianou 364,2322. Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

Recognizing the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the social distancing and the inclusion of us parents, we organize an introductory art therapy workshop in collaboration with the Visual Psychotherapist Christa Kamenou, to parents, members of the association, who want to explore their problems. in relation to their children in times of pandemic. These issues may have preceded the pandemic measures or developed because of them. The aim is to give parents the space to express their concerns about the difficulties they face in relating to their children, the stress created by conflict and the impact on their self-confidence about their parenting role.The workshop aims to provide parents with a first taste of how art therapy works and how they (and their children) can benefit from a non-verbal form of psychotherapy. The workshop will last an hour and a half during which you will be invited to express your concerns through art materials and to share your experiences with other parents. Skills in art are not necessary as the purpose is to give parents space to express themselves as they can and need.

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