29 Feb 2020
Sat 29 February, 2020
Andorra, la, Vella
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29 Feb 2020 Andorra, la, Vella
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Professional Basket match 29 February 2020 Andorra, la, Vella, Andorra
Hosted by Associació de malalties minoritaries d’Andorra (AMMA)

The day before game, the local team will meet families and affected persons to take contact and solidarity photos.

Team will give a signed shirt from players, to make a lucky draw.

the 29th a during professional match of Spanish ACB league, each block, Three point, assistances and rebounds from the local team will become euros for the Andorra association of races diseases.

A video will be presented about rare diseases and of the association, and in the entrance will be sold calendars and solidarity gifts for help the association programs.

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