ALD Makes Me Blue

Hosted by ALD Makes Me Blue

1 February 2023


ALD Makes Me Blue is a collaborative fundraising coalition among international ALD organizations. It is the “Brain Child” of a mom who set out to make a difference in the ALD community after the late onset diagnosis of her 8 year old son, Sawyer, who succumbed to the disease 6 months later. As the founder of Fight ALD – Fighting Illness Through Education, Janis Sherwood has worked tirelessly for 19 years to try and ensure no other child or family would have to experience the devastating effects of ALD.

As a way to pass the torch to the community before retiring, she realized there was a lot of potential to still spread awareness, raise money for these ALD organizations and perhaps have a little fun while doing so. Thus, the idea for “ALD Makes Me Blue” was born. In lieu of donations to Fight ALD, Janis would appreciate her supporters making donations to ALD Connect instead.

The color blue has historically been associated with leukodystrophy awareness month and so it is only fitting that the fundraiser is centered around this color. The ALD Makes Me Blue fundraiser will begin on February 1, 2023, which is the start of Rare Disease Month. We want to see how ALD makes you “blue”.