28 Feb 2019
Thu 28 February, 2019
2019 events in Worldwide
The meeting will take place,
20 Feb 2019 New York City
Our event during RDD will
28 Feb 2019 Worldwide

Get to know BCM and shorten the time between symptoms and diagnosis 28 February 2019 Worldwide, Worldwide
Hosted by BCM Families Foundation

Our event during RDD will focus on spread awareness on our condition.
We all know that because of the fact that BCM is a rare genetic disease, most clinicians do not know enough about it, which leads to a long time before the proper diagnosis is received.

Although we are rare, we still have the power to help change all of this.
That is why, on the 28th of February we invite BCM Families to reach your local Hospital where an Ophtalmology Unit can be found and bring our RDD Flyers, handing them over to a Clinician.
We also invite you to take a picture with the Clinician met and we will upload the pictures to the Rare Disease Projects Page and to our Facebook page.

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