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Beth - Canada
My Child has been diagnosed with a fatal disease, Now What? Many of you will understand and remember well the moment you were told the news that “your child has…, this is a fatal disease.” Fortuntley most of you won’t have any idea the effects of these words have on the life of everyone that loves this child. Although I realize that every diagnoses is different and every reaction to the news ...
Arieal - United States
When I was a born I was diagnosed with the kidney disease it was sad i was in and out of hospitals my whole life. Then one again went to the hospital and they told my parents that it was cancer but turned out it wasn't they kept looking over my kidneys again and again didn't find anything but they were wrong. I could've died and would be here right now
Jessica - United States
I have always heard your teenage years are the hardest. If I had only known how horrific they would soon become for me I would have enjoyed the little moments we all take for granted, just a little more. Like the family gatherings, favorite movies with friends & family or just times I could run, jump and play like a normal child. Most of all I would have spent a lot less time worrying about things...
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