Raise and Join Hands

Raise and Join Hands
for Rare Disease Day

Whether you are with your family at home, 10 people in an office, 100 people at a conference or 1000 people at a public gathering: RAISE AND JOIN HANDS to show your solidarity with rare disease patients around the world! Help us show we are all mobilised for people living with rare diseases and driven by the same objectives.
This symbolic gesture can be done before the Day or part of the activities you have already planned on the Day.
Record the event with a photo and upload here. (Remember to specify the location and the country where the photo was taken.)

Nemours and DE HOSA raise our hands for Rare Disease Day Coordinating Center of Rare Children Diseases in Vilnius, Lithuania AISMAC FLASH MOB Rare Disease Awareness Dylan, living with a rare neurological movement disorder Coordinating Center of Rare Children‘s Diseases in Vilnius, Lithuania Rare Disease Day at UC Irvine Today with my hands up all day to celbrate RDD! Doctor involved in Raising hands for RD patients Raising hands at a Congress My hand raised for RDD Colleagues raising their hands for RD patients ZappRx Raises Hands for Rare Disease Day Raising my hand for RDD A little support for a huge event! Raising hands in the countryside Raising hands in the snow The future of RDD Shire for RDD THE AISMAC BOY AND BOSS SPRINTEAM OLIMPIADI I have Scleroderma and Pulmonary Hypertension One look, one face, one ph face. SOBI raising hands for rare disease day 2016 Formando Red Comunidad con Déficit Crónico de Coagulación Sanguínea Kindergarteners raise hands for rare disease day Myasthenia Gravis Blessed with TAR Syndrome Raising Awareness at Respite Care, Inc in Ft. Collins, CO Carney-Stratakis Dyad Syndrome Hand-Heart Disease
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