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Rare Disease Day in Hong Kong ?

Hong Kong first celebrated Rare Disease Day in 2010. Since then, the day has been used as a platform for many awareness-raising activities, including campaigns visiting hospitals to educate both medical students and doctors about rare diseases and the release of a book about children living with a rare disease. Rare Disease Day 2016 was the launch day of a yoga and art therapy program for children living with a rare disease. This program is hoped to be progressively rolled out all over Hong Kong as it has found success in developing social and emotional skills.

Do you know of any events not listed here? Or would you like to get involved? Email us at rarediseaseday@eurordis.org.

Associations that participated in Rare Disease Day 2016 from Hong-Kong included the Joshua Hellmann Foundation for Orphan Disease, jhforphandisease@gmail.com. Please do get in contact with them if you have any questions.

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