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Rare Disease Day is held the last day of February each year and is the occasion to raise awareness for rare diseases.
Become a Friend of Rare Disease Day to show your organisation's support for our 2015 campaign!
We invite all patient organisations, health care professionals, researchers, drug developers, public health authorities and any association with an interest in rare diseases to join together as Friends of Rare Disease Day.
Once you complete the form, we will add your name and email address to our Friend's page to create a network of support raising awareness of rare diseases.

There are no costs involved in becoming a Friend of Rare Disease Day. We encourage you to show your support and engagement.

Why not:

  • Post the Rare Disease Day logo on your website and in your publications?
  • Link your website to
  • Interact with our social media, and use the available tools to promote Rare Disease Day on your own?
  • Interact with the media to increase coverage of Rare Disease Day?
  • Organise an awareness-raising activity on or around 28 February?