Rare Disease Day 2012

Theme: Solidarity
Slogan: Rare but Strong Together!

Rare Disease Day

The fourth year of Rare Disease Day, like the first, fell on the special day of 29th February. 63 countries were strong together in celebrating Rare Disease Day, with new additions such as Russia, Chile and Pakistan joining the campaign.

The new feature of the official Rare Disease Day 2012 video, translated into 12 languages, helped capture the attention of over 100,000 people worldwide on YouTube, where it was voted first in the NGO category, and it received national television coverage in Italy, Portugal and Ireland. Watch the video here.

rare disease dayEURORDIS once again used the opportunity to host a European event which boasted some 120 participants with key note speakers including the First Lady of Georgia and many high profile stakeholders in the Rare Disease Community, all uniting to discuss "Rare Diseases: a model of EU solidarity".

With over a thousand people responding to the call to "Join hands around the world for Rare Disease Day" at events, the sense of solidarity this year was stronger than ever.

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